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Follow the bouncing ball....

Yeah, another on the list of "don't watch if you're already depressed. Guzaarish stars Hrithik Roshan as a quadriplegic. Need I go on? He is a world famous magician who was injured doing a trick. After 14 years serving as a kind of Chris Reeve inspiration/global good guy, he is petitioning for the right die. The stunning Aishwarya Rai is his faithful nurse (I swear to god that woman gets prettier every year). There's also some subplot with a mysterious young magician who wants Hrithik to train him in magic.

So, why watch when this is a downer and you've already sat through "Who's Life Is It Anyway? Well, for one thing, they cheat a bit and have Hrithik dance (the video above is a fantasy/dream sequence, and there are also flashbacks). And he even sings!

And this film is fucking gorgeous. I actually watched a bit of the making of video: Hrithik lives in this decaying mansion that they evidently constructed by hand just for the movie.

Oh, and Hrithik and Aishwarya actually get to act, as opposed to playing cartoon characters, which is fun. I've always thought Hrithik had a face that would work very well in silent movies, just very expressive. Check out this scene: she doesn't say a word:

AND if you want a good cry.... I unfortunately messed up and bought the DVD like 2 days before Amazon got the Blu Ray in stock. I might actually repurchase the HD version. Not one I'm gonna watch tons and tons, but it's SO PRETTIEH.

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Mar. 2nd, 2012 01:44 am (UTC)
Ah, I love my daughter...

Sissy: *hears music* More Bollywood?
Me: Yes.
Sissy: What movie is this from?
Me: It's called...*scrolls up*...Guzaarish. Hrithik plays a quadriplegic.
Sissy: What?! How can he do that?
Me: Um, they stick him in a wheelchair?
Sissy: I mean, how do they get his legs chopped off and stuff?
Me: What?? That's not what quadriplegic means, it means that his limbs don't move, they're not gone! But he does dance in a dream sequence.
Sissy: Oh. That makes more sense then.
Mar. 2nd, 2012 02:04 am (UTC)
So now I know, YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY has the talent to make me fall of the couch laughing. :D

Sissy: *hears music* More Bollywood?

Oh dear am I giving you a bad reputation?
Mar. 2nd, 2012 02:23 am (UTC)
We awl crayzee up in here! :D

Bad reputation? No, not hardly. They're just curious as to why I've been listening to Bollywood lately. Sissy can't say anything; I've been listening to her J-Pop for years.

TMI but funny as hell: With no bedrooms to speak of, hubby and I have to keep things VERY quiet when we want some nookie time. One night, we were kissing and suddenly from upstairs the music from Benny Hill, "Yakkety Sax", starts blasting from my daughter's laptop. I was laughing so hard, tears were coming out of my eyes.

Five minutes later, when the song was over, she had the audacity to ask: "Are you done yet?" Me being the evil soul that I am, of course said "No." Another round of Yakkety Sax, along with: "You're gonna be hearing this a lot if you keep that up!"

With the mood broken due to hilarity, we just cuddled and went to sleep.
Mar. 2nd, 2012 02:40 am (UTC)
Hahahahahaha.... Oh, god, nothing like Yakkety Sax to break the mood. :D

I'll try to get that CD burned soon so you can totally blow her little mind. We never have any blanks CDs left (since SOMEONE evidently expects the Good CD Fairy to replace them) so I had to go get a pack at Bartell's. The only thing I've found is when you try and sing along and suddenly realize you can't speak Hindi! :D
( 4 cousins babbled — babble away! )


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