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In case you guys haven't already seen this in any of the other million billion forums where it's been posted:

I am thrilled to announce the call for participation for the Star Wars Celebration V Collecting Track. Similar to past Star Wars Celebration events, the collecting program is the place where Star Wars collectors spanning all levels and interests come together to participate in talks, panels, and activities around the Star Wars collecting hobby.

There are multiple ways to participate in the Celebration V Collecting Track:

1. Attend: With 16 talks and panels planned across the four days of Celebration V, the Collecting Track is a unique opportunity to learn about many aspects of Star Wars collecting, meet other collectors, and see some amazing things. I encourage everyone to attend some or all of the collecting panels and meet fellow collectors. In addition to learning a lot about the hobby, the collecting panels are a great opportunity for networking with others sharing the same passion (or obsession). In the coming months, look for announcements of the panels and talks as they are added to the program.

2. Volunteer: We have a number of limited spots for volunteers to assist with activities such as setting up the event, distributing giveaways, managing flow in and out of the talks, and introducing speakers. For helping out for at least 16 hours across four days, volunteers will receive a complimentary Volunteer Badge to Star Wars Celebration, among other perks. If you are interested in volunteering for the Collecting Track, email Gus Lopez at lopez@drizzle.com with the Subject: "C5 VOLUNTEER".

3. Sponsor: Similar to prior Celebration events, we are planning another exciting giveaway for Collecting Track attendees. These giveaways are made possible by sponsors who fund these collectibles for the community. In exchange for sponsorship (approximately $1400-1800 per sponsor, exact amount to be determined soon), each sponsor receives samples of these giveaway items, unique pre-production and one-of-a-kind pieces based on their sponsored item, and bragging rights for seeing their name printed on an official Star Wars collectible. We are planning one giveaway for each collecting panel (16 total). If you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway for the Collecting Track, email Gus Lopez at lopez@drizzle.com with the Subject: "C5 SPONSOR".

4. Presenter: The Star Wars Collecting Track is a completely fan-run event. All of the panelists, speakers, and presenters for the collecting program are fans like you from the Star Wars collecting community. Panels consist of discussion topics with up to 5 presenters comparing and contrasting different angles and approaches regarding a collecting subject. Talks consist of 1 or 2 presenters leading a detailed discussion about some area or aspect of Star Wars collecting. Additionally, we plan to have Star Wars collecting activities such as the trivia contests and collector social events as from past Celebrations, and would like to solicit ideas for new interactive activities. If you are interested in being a Collecting Track presenter, email Gus Lopez at lopez@drizzle.com with the Subject: "C5 PRESENTER" and the following information:

Title of Presentation:
Panel, Talk, or Activity (choose one):
Prior public speaking experience:
Brief description (3-4 sentences):

I look forward to seeing all of you at Star Wars Celebration V!


P.S. Feel free to distribute.



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