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NOT the last airbender

So, like every good nerd in the universe, we went to see Avatar this weekend. As well as hosting a party for 60 (PHEAR MY HOSTING SKILZ). So, am taking a break from my new fun game, Search for Plastic Cups, to write some comments.

Likes: Giovanni Ribisi's breezily sociopathic business guy villain. Didn't even recognize the actor at first! He totally seemed like a first cousin of Paul Reiser's scummy character in Aliens. Oh, and speaking of which I'm so glad Cameron is back to the batshit politics of Aliens, with the eeeeevil Company controlling things.

Liked that the scientists, who traditionally play the heavies in Science Fiction ("Wait! We must STUDY IT!") were basically the good guys here (though they had to bring in a tough marine to REALLY bond with the aliens, who evidently turned up their flat noses at them thar tree-huggin' PhDs.

Oh, and as you may have heard, it's really pretty to look at. Like Roger Ebert, I forgot I was watching a 3D movie.

Dislikes: They seemed to spend way too much time explaining things. Compared to Aliens, where they kinda dropped you into the action, this one seemed to have about 18 million exposition scenes: "I'm the military guy! I'm bad! I want you to SPY for me! Then I will heal your legs!!" But for all of that, there was other stuff that just seemed rushed, ie, the other schlubby Avatar dude is OMG JELLUS of the marine dude in one scene, and then the next scene he's like totally ok yay!

And the stupid trope that everything native people do is harmonious with nature and virtuous and people from civilization are all eeeeevil. Yeah, James Cameron, so why don't you give up the penthouse and go live in the jungle? I'll tell you why: because the jungle SUCKS.

There was a bit too much of a video game element to the movie for my tastes. I don't just mean the fighting, I mean stuff like, "Oh, you tap the flower and it lights up!"

Overall, this is seeming more negative than my real reaction. This was a long movie, but it kept me pretty well engrossed for most of the time. Pandora is really keen looking. I just read a review where they compared Cameron (favorably) to Michael Bay: at least with this movie, you won't leave the theater feeling like you're been pounded by stupid. Nor feeling like you want to get those two hours of your life back.




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Dec. 21st, 2009 06:26 pm (UTC)
This one is worth seeing in 3D - REALLY nice job. Yeah, our best theater, Cinerama, where we usually would've gone out of our way to see it, is NOT showing it in 3D, because I guess they're not equipped for it.

Hate to say it - I bounced up and down quite a lot for the Alice trailer - but I'm not sure I actually liked the 3D effect quite as much. It looked more like a View Master, where you have layers of flat stuff, instead of full 3D effects.
Dec. 27th, 2009 12:09 am (UTC)
A 3D preview of Alice, really?
CURSE YOU PORTUGAL, FOILED AGAIN! *shakes fist* We didn't get any 3D preview of any movie. -_-;
But Avatar was ok. It was very lovely to look at, even if parts of the story didn't sit well with me.

I have to admit I liked the -touch flower/insect and observe reaction- bits, because they amused me. Like those... helicopter glowing lizard (or was it some kind of insect?) thingies.
Dec. 27th, 2009 04:40 am (UTC)
I know there's gonna be a video game, but it's gonna be a COMBAT game - I wish they had a more "girlie" version, where I could just wander around the environment and poke stuff!!!
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