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Stitches of the Caribbean

POTC Stitch bag and throw
Originally uploaded by tikistitch

OK, so, we're down to the last 3 boxes from Tokyo Shopping Mania '09, but it's gonna take a bit of time to get through this lot: it's the booty from our day at Tokyo Disney. I've put the first few items on Flickr, but I'm probably not gonna get it all up before we have to clean up for the holiday parties.

So, in my continuing effort to write sentences of greater than 140 characters, here's a bit about this item, and how it got into my collection. Mr. Tiki and I, being an engineer and a scientist, respectively, have gotten awfully methodical in our approach to Tokyo Disney resorts. In our continuing effort to reduce miles schlepped carrying impossibly-big bags plus increase time for Mr. Tiki to ride some rolly-coasters, we've created this routine: first, we do a reconnaissance mission to the large park store next to the train station (this store, for those of you who haven't visited Tokyo Disney, is actually outside the park itself) AND the humongous Disney store that's located inside the Ikspiari mall, which is at the same train station as the park. The mall, as it happens, is right next to the monorail station that takes you out to Tokyo Disney Sea.

We figured after spotting items of interest, we'd get out to TDS, stroll through the Main Street type stores there, and then head out to do some rides. Meanwhile, I'd confine myself to buying only items that I hadn't seen available at the entrance or the park stores. After we'd finished the rides, we'd then sweep back along the inside park stores, finish up the Ikspiari DS and the outside park store, cram all the bags into a giant locker, and then sweep into Tokyo Disneyland cheerily unburdened by my 15 tons of Stitch.

Well, as all good plans, this one worked until it didn't. About 3/4 of the way through Disney Sea, we ran into a raft of unscheduled Stitch/Indy Jones crossover items near the Indy Jones ride. Fortunately, it all fit in one bag, though, unfortunately, it was heavy as a rock.

Anyways, we did get through TDS, and the Disney Store, and managed to squeeze it all (Mr. Tiki, among other things, is a champion Tetris player) into just one locker. And marched into Tokyo Disneyland, unburdened. I had a good idea what I'd seen in the outside TDR shop as well, so didn't expect to see much of anything more I'd be interested in buying in TDL.

I had recommended charging right on to the Enchanted Tiki room. Mr. Tiki, being the methodical sort, insisted that we instead breeze through first the shop outside the TDL Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I cheerfully joked about Stitches of the Caribbean.

Then we got in the shop.

By this time, it was nearly 7 at night, and, jet lag combined with fatigue, I didn't manage to get a picture of the display. Basically an ENTIRE WALL of the POTC shop had been taken over by Pirate Stitch merchandise.

This is a pretty big lap blanket of a pirate Stitch, which comes in an attractive Stitch bag. I usually don't blab a lot about the costs of my items, but after the dust had settled, my card was rung up a good $400-500. AND I DIDN'T EVEN BUY EVERYTHING!

The weird thing is, I'm pretty obsessive about scanning Japanese auction boards for new J Stitch stuffs. This set was not even on my radar. I mean, the store had Pirate Stitch everything: scarves and hats and neck gators and purses. I was just like, whoa. Insanity!


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