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UP on Blu Ray

In case anybody is interested (you've all seen it, right?) I've scribbled down a few notes. I'll stick most of it under the cut in case anyone was saving themselves.

Was a bit taken aback this one didn't come with 3D glasses. Anybody know why Disney/Pixar passed on 3D for this one?

I saw this in the theaters in 3D, and it was just awesome. I know Roger Ebert hates 3D with a passion, but the new polarized glasses work very well for me, and I honestly think the 3D actually enhanced this one in some ways, especially in the flying scenes.

Now, as for 3D at home, that I still personally find annoying. I've tried to watch Coraline with the stupid red/green glasses, and just ended up with a headache. So, I was surprised, but not terribly upset at the 2D transfer. The only time I really regretted not having the 3D experience was when the balloons first unfurled. But, in that case, I also regretted not having a 20 foot high screen.

It was still engrossing, I still went through bags and bags of Kleenex, and I still want a Dug dog. Speaking of which, the new Dug cartoon was cute, though I don't think anything groundbreaking. I really like having the cloud short though. The documentary about the filmmakers going to the site in Venezuela was awfully cool, and I recommend you give it a watch. I listened through about half of the commentary track, and this was very nicely done as well, with tons and tons of character sketches and suchlike. And I Learned Stuff, such as why they kept changing the scale on the balloons. The directors seem pretty organized, but not so organized that they're stilted (as is the case with a lot of recent Disney Blu Ray commentary tracks). It was a welcome change after suffering through the snore-tastic Snow White commentary track (Walt has gotta be the world's most boring preserved head).

Still haven't cracked open Monsters. I might see if I can catch a bit before Glee. That was another stunning looking movie, and I can't wait to see what it looks like in high definition.



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Nov. 12th, 2009 03:47 am (UTC)
We have a pretty freaking big TV, and Coraline just mostly looked half red and half green.

I actually wouldn't mind seeing UP on the big screen again. Seemed like one of those movies (like Wall E) that you really need a movie theater.
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