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Conchords squee!

OK, so, Conchords last night.

The guy who plays Dave was the opening act. He's awesome! He does font jokes!!! We love him forever. (EDIT: Arj Barker. Thanks, Intarnets.)

This is one of the few pictures we got of them that is non-sucktacular. Oh, and they weren't singing Robots here, they were singing something else, but our brain doesn't seem to wanna come up with a title. Or much of anything else, to be perfectly honest. This being the Internets and all, someone will inevitably let us know.

We were waaaaaaaay down front, as you can see, though we were a bit surprised to see two rows of folding chairs in the Paramount's tiny orchestra pit up ahead of us. We basically bought tix like two seconds after the website opened up*, so no clue how you got to sit in row negative two. Prolly some Mel-like obsessive behavior involved there somewhere. Anyways, the two rows o' Mels weren't problem, except this one dude in a porkpie hat who seemed to think we'd all assembled just to watch him do a dumb whiteguy dance during Bidness Time. Uh, no.

Oh, and Bret and Jemaine? If you can get them, it's totally worth it to buy good seats. They're just as adorable as on TV, and their facial expressions are precious. The Paramount didn't have any kinda big screen set up, so you had to be close up to actually see. They'll do a song and then patter in character. Unless that really is them, and they're just faking about being TV's Flight of the Conchords to avoid people seeing how Conchordian they really are. Jemaine went into this at one point, trying to explain the difference between the character named Jemaine and himself.

Oh, and they're teensy! Especially Bret. Girls, you could totally put him in your back pocket and sneak away with him. Speaking of which, seemed to be a lot of single women attending. Meaning, women attending all alone. Can't recall seeing that much at concerts before.

Oh, one bit: they had a sign language interpreter, and everybody had a lot of fun with her. At one point, when some jerk from the audience howled out at them, they asked her for the sign for "Asshole," and then Jemaine used it generously for the rest of the night.

Another bit, for Seattle: they told us they reckoned half of us worked at Microsoft, and the other half were members of Pearl Jam.

At one point they introduced the New Zealand National Orchestra. It was a guy in a blue windbreaker. He played cello.

Only one song we didn't recognize, something about Santa/Satan. Is this an old song, or a new song?

The tour tee is a scream. It just says "BAND MEETING" in block letters on plain white. We're wearing it right now, hoping to perplex our colleagues.

We missed Mel and Murray, but one terrific night, and it'll keep us going 'til they release the S2 DVDs of the show.

*EDIT: Oh, how we scored tix: we're on their Facebook group, and they gave out the sooper sekrit code, SUGALUMPS, to get first crack on tix. BTW, they did this funny acoustic-y version of Sugalumps, and showed off the same to the Mels in the first couple rows. At one point, Jemaine actually jumped down into the pit, and the Paramount bouncers came over to break it up. Still not quite sure if that was planned or not.



( 6 cousins babbled — babble away! )
May. 13th, 2009 04:15 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the detailed concert review! :D
May. 13th, 2009 04:18 pm (UTC)
I'm glad it was a good show. I think that is probably them at their best since they started out doing their stand up thing. Still a little upset you didn't kidnap Bret for me, but I guess I'll be able to move on eventually. I just need to re-fill the space I made for him in my closet. lol

Was the pic taken on your iphone? I thought for sure if I had one of those at Lady Gaga I would have had amazing photos instead of tiny blonde blurs.

0000001 00000011 000000111 0000001111
May. 13th, 2009 04:23 pm (UTC)
He's tiny! Bring a pill box, and he'll fit, I swear!

Yeah, that's an iPhone pic. They didn't seem to mind still pix (they did bust one nearby person for recording though). But we were still a bit freaked by Mr. Tiki being chewed out at the Carrie Fisher show for taking a still picture, so I tried to be subtle about it.
May. 13th, 2009 04:22 pm (UTC)
told ya they were teensy!!!
May. 13th, 2009 04:23 pm (UTC)
They're hobbits! They so totally are!
May. 13th, 2009 04:41 pm (UTC)
It makes them more delicious, both because they are snack sized and because its a secret you are now privy to. ;)
( 6 cousins babbled — babble away! )


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