So, we initially resisted picking up this set from the J Disney store, as we were reluctant to start down the Dark Pin Path, lest if forever determine our destiny.

Fortunately, Mr. Tiki and the shop clerks convinced us of its awesomeness.

Ohana means merchandisingCollapse )

No good deed goes unpunished!

In exchange for schlepping his limited edition Tim Biskup glow in the dark skateboard deck hither and yon up the 40 acres that was Comic Con, Boneboy gave us this....

SQUEEEE!!!Collapse )

World o' pins

Don't know if y'all recall, we recently weakened from our orthodox pin-avoidant state, and madly purchased this eeeeevil Stitchie-in-drag-as-Maleficent pin.

How-some-ever, we soon learned of the existence of another, similar pin from an actual Maleficent Pin Event at EuroDizzney, a/k/a, Disneyland Paris. Observez....

Note, as we say, le difference??? The French Stitch-as-Maleficent has an actual bosom!!! Ooo-la-la!

Anime goodness!


Just saw Howl's Moving Castle. Boneboy called us to catch a show. Just a few years back, we could barely wrestle our old buddy to the ground for long enough to force a viewing of five minutes worth of a Princess Mononoke VCD. And, now, BWA-HA-HA!! Another Miyazaki freak. Our work is done!!

We adored the movie, even though we ended up viewing the dubbed version. Billy Crystal wasn't too obnoxious. We now badly need to read the book. And we need a moving castle toy. And a scarecrow toy. And the doggie!!

BTW, we decided conclusively that Howl is gay, gay, gay. Best line was something like, "It's not worth living if I can't be beautiful!"

OB: Stitch, below cut.
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A most upsetting morning


Alas, we had promised ourselves to stay away from pin collecting. Look at this specimen, $10 from Disney Direct, it probably cost 3 cents to actually manufacture. But, it's Maleficent, and she's eeeeevil, and we dig eeeeevil so, yes we do.

Limited to 1,000. Go buy it now, so it will sell out, so we will no longer be tempted.

Free stuff yay!


Tikistitch is a devoted fan of Stuffs, and nothing pleases us more than to receive in our chubby little hands unexpected Stuffs, ie, gifts. In the endless sunny season between Christmas and Tikistitch's birthday (which are a mere three weeks apart), they give us the strength to go on.

Thus we were dumbfounded to experience yesterday what we shall term Free Stuff Saturday! Yay!! First off, we received an autographed CD from a close personal friend of Mr. Tikistitch, the boogilicious Meco!!! Yes, Mr. Monardo is still teaching those of the Star Wars generation the ins and outs of Da Funk. We also received, in Meco's own words, his inspiration for his new opus.

Boogie WookieeCollapse )

My sad story

So, Mr. Tikistitch and I were out on a MISSION last night.

We went to Walmart #1. We drove to Walmart #2, which is 15 miles further up the road in Marysville, but has a bigger grocery section. We marched on to Deaddy Freddy's in Redmond. We visited the 24 hour Top Foods. We stopped at the biggest damn Safeway on the east side.

No Stitch cereal.

No marshmallow Stitch heads. No friendly blue boxes. No crunchy Hula O's.


In other news, they're still calling for snow by the end of the week. Let's hear it for Snow Days!


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