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Sweets for the sweet

Minis. 'Cause you know you want 'em.

These are little cell phone straps featuring Stitch, plus what's evidently the latest trend in Japan, putting food all over your family.

Not sure what exactly the desserts are supposed to be, but they look frothy and tasty.


Slowly getting through our big big bag o' Stitchie mascots. Some of these have been patiently waiting (we know, kind of non-Stitchie behavior) to be photographed since we got back from our July trip to Japan.

A lot of these show Stitch chomping on some landmark.

This appears to be some kind of tiny boat. There's also a bonus Scrump, just to make things sufficiently kawaii.


Soooo, the infinitely patient Mr. Tikistitch was trying to learn us how to actually use our camera this weekend. Yeah, we take bazillion photos, but our methodology boils down to "Turn on camera - point in general direction of object - press button." Which works in its own silly way (modern cameras being infinitely forgiving) but would drive any professional photographer and most non-professional-but-knows-anything photographers of down the bend.

So, what we have is a bunch of Stitchie mascots from Japan. These are limited regional mascots, "limited" in the sense not that there seems to be only a small number made (as convenience stores shelves in Japan are festooned with the things) but rather that they are limited to certain geographical areas of the Island, such as Tokyo metro, or Okinawa. The mascots thus have some relation to the area where they're sold - Tokyo Stitch is often shown chewing on or climbing up Tokyo Tower.

You can see our jury rigged setup here. We've actually been using a dollieh stand.

The mascots are about the size of your toenail, and also wrapped in shiny, shiny plastic, and thus take a bit of fiddling to get a decent image. We've called this guy "scary pudding Stitch," since he looks like he's hiding in a giant blancmange pudding. Though, it may actually be something else.


So, we ended up going to (or at least getting dragged to) a lot of small shops in Tokyo this time.

And where ever you go, Stitch is there!

A million jillion mascotsCollapse )

Why is tiki cranky?

Actually, we're basically perpetually cranky. But, why would be be crankier than usual?

Well, see, we ordered these straps from Strapya. We thought they'd be cute, so we'd pick up just one or two. We mean, can't have everything, right?

They're carded.

*gah*Collapse )

These are little Japanese mascots.

That are bananas.

And say "I *heart* Stitch."

More teensies

Think igrrl was the first to spot these minis.

mini!Collapse )

Mmmmm, buns....

It is good to start each day with a mini, in order to get your minimum required doseage of teensy.

According to the original auction description, this little guy is carrying special octopus buns from Osaka. Mmmm.

Proof positive Yujin hates me

New Yujin set.

Stitch & Scrumpies.

And, the beads are actually teensy balled up Stitchies.


Lest we forget....

...because, sometimes, we do. The small stuff, that is.

There are, as the late Carl Sagan might've put it, billions and billions of Stitchie cell phone straps manufactured for the Japanese market. (We suspect there are some kind of civic measures over there pertaining to the legality of cellular devices that are not sufficiently bedecked with kawaii.) Nonetheless, this is one of our favorite phone trinkets. This is based on a very cute sequence from the Lilo & Stitch TV show, where, while Stitch momentarily struggles with his conscience, who should appear perched on his shoulders--NOT, as with most cartoon characters, a mini angel and mini devil--but rather *two* battling chibi devils. Perfection!


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