This is a really fun book review:

Hysterical Men: The Hidden History of Male Nervous Illness
by Mark S. Micale

Macho Misery
A review by Sherwin B. Nuland

As far back as has been recorded of the history of human societies, men have equated life with movement. If our ancestors of antiquity could feel stirrings inside their bodies, it must mean that large, living structures were at the very least shifting their positions, and perhaps even migrating from place to place within the mysterious recesses of the internal cavities that encompassed them, whether the abdomen or the chest. Like other peoples of their time, for example, the Egyptians believed that the inner organs were so many distinctive and individual creatures, with whims and moods of their own that determined their peregrinations from neck to pelvis.

Of all the named structures within the abdomen and the chest, those associated with reproduction retained the mysteries of their willful behavior long after others had been solved to the satisfaction of physicians and philosophers. When, in his Timaeus, Hippocrates's contemporary Plato called the uterus "an animal within an animal," he meant it to be taken literally. He was echoing a common belief of his time and earlier when he stated that under proper conditions the womb -- or hystera, as it was called in Greek -- "becomes seriously angry and moves all over the body." Chief among those proper conditions was any frustration of its desire to bear children....

In case ya hadn't heard before, it's all true: they used to think the "womb" actually wandered around your body, causing trouble!! Which, even though it's totally wrong, is actually kind of awesome.


O noes....

Amazon Releases iPhone Kindle Software

palmsolo writes "The Amazon Kindle 2 just started shipping last week, but Amazon surprised everyone late on March 3rd by placing the Amazon Kindle software for the iPhone in the Apple App Store. With the Whispersync technology you can now keep your Kindle and iPhone ebooks in sync and read everywhere you go. Readers on the iPhone also now get access to over 200,000 ebook titles on the Amazon Kindle storefront. Check out the hands-on image gallery and video of the Amazon Kindle software on the iPhone and Kindle 2."

Now if we has a notion to buy a book whilst riding on the bus....we just pushes a button.

O noes.....

Curse you, Amazon!



If you're stuck inside with nothing to do, you might find Caitlin Flanagan's review of the Twilight saga diverting. For whatever reaason, the Atlantic magazine luuuuuurves to publish puckishly contrarian book reviews, and this is the most positive spin on the outlandishly popular teeny bopper vampire series that we can remember reading in a major publication. Though, Flanagan seems to us a bit more interested in reviewing the inner lives of adolescent girls than actually reading the dang books (which, she mentions in passing, are "no work of literature, to be sure").


Jesse's book is here yay!

So pretty....

We'll do a real review after we've had time to sit down and enjoy it.


Snark: the book?

Dang, too bad this won't be out in time for Xmas!



Mr. Tiki is a PC!

And L@@K!

Even I am jealous of me!

Teh funnieh

Dang linkie is broke, but looks like worth checking out after the dust clears.


Gorky = awesome

An obsessive corrector, Gorky would sit for hours with a blue pencil annotating manuscripts -- his own and everyone else's. Finishing a newspaper, he would cover the pages with additions and alterations, then throw it away. A conservative group once sent him a rope noose and a threatening note. He threw out the noose and corrected the note in blue pencil, so that the rabid ideas remained but were expressed more clearly.

He edited a threatening note.


Book pimpin'

By the by, buddy blythou has recently (well, within the past couple months, tiki's kind of behind) published a survival guide for rock n roll chicks, which covers pretty much all of us (well, except the couple of guys on our FL, but you can buy it too). And don't worry if you got a D+ in 10th Grade French, 'cause it's got lots of great illustrations. An essential! For those of us who don't happen to live in Paris, it's available on Amazon.fr, or probably at really cool shops that everybody else knows about but we don't usually go to because we're too busy scanning Yahoo auctions for plush toys.


Here's what we need!!!!

Stitchie and Scrumpie bookmarks!!!


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