Just got a message that the crazy Japanese Stitch toy "dancing" to Janet Jackson "may have content that is owned or licensed by UMG." Hahaha! I'd love it if Universal Music Group went up against my plush toy!


So, during our regular morning meeting here at the editorial board of Tikistitch Limited LLC, we thought long and hard about April Fools. Given that this here blog is already dedicated to foolishness for 364 days of the year (and 365 on Leap Years), we thought, why not use April Fools to be Serious for a change?

And then we thought, nah.

So, here ya go, Lilo & Stitch Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots!

These were described at Lilo & Stitch "sumo" on the auction description.

But, if you take a look, they have a mechanism similar to what folks in the US (olde folks, like tiki) associate with Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots!

Basically, when you work the levers, Lilo & Stitch engage in a rather aggressive version of the old disco dance, "The Bump."

But why bother with foolish explanations, when we can post silly videos? Indeed:

Also, this 'splains why Lilo & Stitch aren't facing each other, as that would look kinda....er...well, if you don't see it kiddies, go ask your parents, and if that doesn't work, go ask the kids hanging out by the street corner.

Gobble gobble

Gabu Gabu Stitch from Takara Tomy.

Om nom nomCollapse )

Winken and blinken

A ginormous Stitchie UFO catcher from our friend Steven in Singapore.

And, there's a Scrumpie too!

The Frenchman is visiting, and was duly frightened by the enormous heads.

BUT! These are also Action!Stitchies!!

See? Very useful if you happen to have low-flying aircraft in your neighborhood!!

tiki wishes you a rockin' Thanksgiving!

(OK, maybe you can actually rock a little harder than that.)

Never too late

...for HALLOWEEN SCARIES, that is!

Today's terrifying terror:


Let's see him in action, waddya say? May want to hide the little ones, this will be ghoulish!!!

Um, ok.

The Stitchie Dance from Paris, France!

OK, so, remember this?

Here's what happens when he moves to FRANCE!

This is from the Paris Disney Resort.

Evil koala

And finally, the exciting conclusion to Around the World in 80 Eight Stitchies!

In which we go to....

Australia! Where Stitch the evil koala is dressed up as ... an evil koala! With a little behbeh koala. (Do baby koalas hang on the arm of their mom like that? Hrm.)

He also walks around. We haven't tried him yet, because all the AA batteries are still in that Stitch we showed the other day who plays the Mickey Mouse Club March. Will he walk to "Waltzing Matilda?" "The Land Down Under?" "Back in Black??" Nah, it's prolly just London Bridge again. But we can hope. No worries, eh?

Push the button, Max

The "on" button:

This is the first time we can recall getting a Japanese toy (or rather, a toy released in the Japanese market - it's probably made in China) that plays that particular tune. At least it's not "London Bridge" again!

Tuesday Action!Stitch

"Let's laugh happily together?" Sure, why not.

Maybe be some confusion in the translation between "laughter" and "grand mal seizure."


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